Thursday, November 16, 2017

Main Street East Hamilton

1510 Main Street East Hamilton Ronald McDonald House Hamilton located near McMaster Hospital, and McMaster University.

This two shelf library is located on the corner of Main Street West and Cootes Drive.

It is located along the fence, near the sign for the Ronald McDonald's House.

I parked a block away, then walked to this Little Free Library.

Written of the Free Little Library Plaque:
Donated by
McDonald's Canada
to inspire a life-long love of reading.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Aberdeen Ave Hamilton

112 Aberdeen Ave Free Library, in Hamilton.

A wooden free library, with two shelves. This library was fairly full of books when I visited.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rosslyn Drive Burlington

404 Rosslyn Drive Burlington, in the Roseland area.

This Free Little Library is very large, with two shelves.

When I visited it had a fairly good selection of books in it.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Using the Little Free Library Name

The Free Little Library name is owned by the Little Free Library Organisation. If a person wishes to use the Free Little Library name they should register their library with the Little Free Library Organisation. Registering your library comes with pros and cons, in my opinion registration should remain a personal choice. Although I see it as highly unlikely the Little Free Library organisation, would sue individuals for using their name, without permission. In my opinion it is disrespectful to use their name, with out permission. It would be like inventing and selling a new type of facial tissue, you would not be able to call them Kleenex because Kleenex is a trade marked brand name.

For this reason I avoid calling a free library, a Little Free Library unless it is registered with the Little Free Library Organisation. Australia have their own free library organization that people can map and register their libraries, that they call Street Libraries. In Europe many public bookcases are registered via the Open Book Case project. About half the book boxes in Ontario are registered with the Free Little library Organization.

Unregistered little libraries are often called Book Exchanges, Free Libraries, Book Trading Posts, Pop-up Libraries, Community Book Exchanges, Front Yard Library, Public Bookcase, Lending Box, Micro Library, Blessing Box, Rogue Library, Open Book Case or many other names. Many cities and communities have groups that allow caregivers (or stewards) of Little Free Libraries, and unregistered libraries to put their libraries on maps or lists libraries to help people find libraries, and offer support, in building and maintaining libraries. The Free Little Library organisation also supports stewards in many ways, many find a local groups more or just as helpful.

Book exchanges and free libraries have existed well before the Free Little Library movement, the movement has made book exchanges more widely known, and recognisable.

If you wish to promote your Ontario Little Free Library (registered or not) you may contact me, and I will be happy to post a blog article on your free library, and put your library on our lists. For Stewards Page. As many people who search for Little Free libraries and Book Exchanges use this blog, and it's lists, you may find more visitors will find your library. (registered or not)

From the Little Free Library website:
Build: To protect the Little Free Library name and quality of the Libraries themselves, the name Little Free Library and its common variations are trademarked. If you want to use the name Little Free Library, you must have an official charter sign and charter number on your Library.