Saturday, December 16, 2017

Guest Posts Little Free Library Stewards

This blog has been mostly about the Little Free Libraries in Ontario I have visited, or have visited with my walking buddy. I also allow caretakers of Free Libraries to do a guest blog post. Simply send me (Facebook message of email me) a picture of Your Free Little Library or Book Exchange, with some information about your library and your Ontario Library could be highlighted on this blog. More Information

Guest Posts:
Guest Post Stoney Creek Dairy Little Free Library
Brentwood Drive Little Free library
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Guest Post Enclave Place Hamilton Little Free Library
Enclave Place Little Free Library
Hamilton, Ontario

Guest Post Keg Lane Paris Ontario
Keg Lane Little Free Library
Paris, Ontario

Contact me if you have any comments, questions or ideas. vowelsoup

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ready For Winter

Many Little Free libraries and book exchanges are getting ready for winter, latches are being tightened, shingles are being secured and sealants are at the ready. Some libraries are being decorated with snowmen, Christmas angels or seasonal lights. Some stewards are adding Christmas, winter and other holiday books. Most Libraries remain open during winter, ready for winter reading.

Some book exchanges are taken down for the winter, others are being raised off the ground,. I have encountered a couple of libraries that have had some lower library winter damage not raised somehow (typically on a pole) at least during winter months.

Generally libraries off the winter ground in sheltered locations do better, however many stewards are able to keep their libraries in good shape over winter with a little TLC.

I talked to one steward, who puts out a basic library during the winter, and a more decorative library during warmer seasons.

Most stewards leave a note on their library around this time of year if they plan to take down their library during winter months. Other stewards let people know they are closing for winter by announcing it on their Social Network, not all Free Little Libraries and book exchanges have social network.
Ontario Little Free Libraries on Facebook
Ontario Little libraries on Twitter

Some stewards wrap up their libraries during severe storms. If a steward is travelling this winter they may want some one to look in on your library see Looking After Little Free library While Steward Travels.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Main Street East Hamilton

1510 Main Street East Hamilton Ronald McDonald House Hamilton located near McMaster Hospital, and McMaster University.

This two shelf library is located on the corner of Main Street West and Cootes Drive.

It is located along the fence, near the sign for the Ronald McDonald's House.

I parked a block away, then walked to this Little Free Library.

Written of the Free Little Library Plaque:
Donated by
McDonald's Canada
to inspire a life-long love of reading.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Aberdeen Ave Hamilton

112 Aberdeen Ave Free Library, in Hamilton.

A wooden free library, with two shelves. This library was fairly full of books when I visited.