Friday, September 22, 2017

William Street Little Art Library

200 William Street Gallery Stratford Little Art Library.

William Street has two Free Libraries this one, and 132 William Street The Little Art Library is located on the section of William street that is a two way street, the other Free Library on William Street is located on a one way street.

This Little Art Gallery is a Stratford Little Art Library. These Little Art Libraries raised funds for the Gallery Stratford's exhibition, education and outreach programs. 50 local artists have created unique one of a kind Little Libraries, that they sold to the community.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking After a Free Little Library While The Steward Travels

As a library steward, I knew my little book box needed at least one person to look in on it while we traveled. Just like we arrange for someone to take care of our pet and bring in the mail, we asked people to keep an eye on our book exchange.

Occasionally people put in items that do not belong in a book exchange (religious tracks or flyers) or leave the door open. We had some one leave books outside of the book box, exposed to the elements, so I wanted some one to look in on it.

I asked a neighbour to look in our book exchange once a day, as well as bring in the mail and feed and play with our cat for a little while each day.

Another friend who lives nearby took a peek and exchanged some books while we were away for us as well.

I believe book boxes should be part of the community, therefore it is up to the community to help keep books moving, however repairs and removal of inappropriate items usually falls on the steward.

I believe it is not a good idea to tell everyone when you travel, but a asking a friend or two, who can bring in your mail, water the plants and perhaps cheek in on your Free Little library or other Book Exchange is a good idea.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Devon Street Stratford

7 Devon Street on the corner of Devon Street and Romeo Street.
Shaded under an evergreen, I like the red and blue door on this Free Library.

Written on the library are the words "Books Take One"

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

William Street Stratford

132 William St.

This Free Library is located on the part of William Street that is one way only. William street has a Free Library and William Street Little Art Library that is past Waterloo Street North still on Williams Street that becomes a two way street. They are within walking distance from one another.

Written on the top of this free library are the words Beary Good Books. br>