Friday, October 14, 2016

Goodram and Elm Cres Burlington CLOSED

CLOSED List of Little Free Libraries in Burlington

On the corner of Goodram and Elm Cres. Located in Burlington, Ontario. This Free Library has both a box for children/ youth as well as a library box for adult books. The Steward of this Free Little Library told us he first built the taller one, then added the child/ youth Library. Recently the Stewart of this Free Library has added a water bowl for dogs, who accompany the people visiting this book exchange. Being well maintained it has had small repairs done, improvements to the path and garden as well as structural improvements.

Located within walking distance of Paletta Lakefront Park. The walk from Paletta Lakefront Park to this Book Exchange to should take about ten to fifteen minutes by travelling along Goodram that connects Lakeshore Road and the Elm and Goodram intersection.

Nearby Little Free Libraries and book boxes all within two/ three kilometers:
Turner Drive Book Exchange
Ranklin Drive Little Free Library
Bayfield Crescent Little Free library.

These Little libraries are on a corner lot, the property was sold, the new owners have taken down the book boxes.

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